Thursday, June 15, 2017

We Try Social

Self Expression in Social Dancing:
Expression is a form of expressing anything you feel. It basically is the same with painting, playing a guitar or writing – all are ways of conveying one’s emotions. However, In our type of social dancing on Oahu, it’s usually done with a partner and with a musical accompaniment. One’s self-confidence is raised when performing in a social gathering of friends and it will certainly bring you many other benefits.

"Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash."

The fitting of dance figures to the rhythm and/or the melody and sometimes even to the words of the music. Specially well done by Street and Club Dancers and common in the Tango in Argentina. It is somewhat different here on Oahu with so much structured dancing. Some people would rather dance to the rhythms of the music and just skip the lyrics. Nice, we are not required to be clones.
"Time After Time"by Placido Domingo

Learning how to read blogs is still in the running and blogs may differ quite a bit in their presentations. Our blogosphere is pretty much the same. Whatever blog you like, once you are in, you can access other blogs in the side bars very easily by just clicking. It will appear just like magic on your screen. Once inside the blog and having read whatever interests you, then you have other choices. Experiment, it can be fun.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

I just bought an extra point and shoot camera. We are not fancy, deluxe photographers. I just need help to get photos into my blogs and I usually make a collage of six or nine photos.  I have been very pleasantly surprised that each photographer has different and unique views of the dance party. Much better results. It is still true, that a  photo of two is better than a photo of one. Three is better than two? Rarely do I get many photos with just one photographer, so now I can have two going and I really don't know if it will work until I try.

"Social Dancers think that dancing may be an Art,
go ahead, paint your dream and follow it."