Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Not So Good?

Now that I know a little more, This is the blog for Live Music on Oahu. Unfortunately it is at the bottom of the pile (The Magnificent Seven,) I have come to that point again and I must adjust. This blog must go into the help department - I must find a place to visit. Live music and dance, plenty of fans out there but none want to make any commitments and we cannot blame them. However there is the minimum of commitment in making comments or in being a Two Center.  I offer the platform and you can use it if and when you want to. Easy?

"Common Sense: The knack of seeing things as they are
and doing things as they ought to be done."

I am interested in dancing and the readers are interested in dancing. My only conclusion is to cool it and keep going and see how it develops. Perhaps this blog will develop and one of the others will go by the wayside. It is not that easy with the counters that I have, but the reader/dancers will still make the decisions. First to go will be the blog that is too far behind in counter hits. Our blogs are Social Media. Well, maybe we are not Social Media yet but I can see that we can go nowhere unless we make it Social Media. And that means feedback.

"From Here To Eternity" by Englebert Humperdinck

In our case the most important ingredients are the Comments section at the end of every blog, Just a comment or two on the dance situation from your viewpoint. Then with more information and/or photos, emailed from Information Contributors (Two Centers.) Different viewpoints? Of course and that's it! The simplicity in the solution is amazing. The difficulty is communicating to those that have the capability of understanding this. Never been done before? I know it.  And yet the promotion of Social Dancing remains our primary aim.

"Historia De Un Amor" by Luis Miguel

We will have our hands full with the new clubs forming and hopefully they will be for the social dancers. There are over 40 thousand potential good dancers on Oahu. We can help steer them into a little of the live music that we enjoy. I suppose we can keep quiet but why? Specially when we can enjoy more of the music which we call "oldies but goodies." How about "From Here To Eternity" in a Rumba-Bolero rhythm. Wow! The absolute berries!

"Social Dancers know that someday we will be just a memory for some people.
Let us do our best to make it a good one."