Friday, June 9, 2017

Northern Oahu

Would be nice if the people in Makaha could have easy commercial exchange with Mokuleia on the North Shore but the Honolulu Fat Cats will not permit it. In politics, we must be very very careful with "the Party of the Rich." Kaena Point would be a wonderland. A few tract homes, a shopping center with a Night Club and live music and a business park. Another possible paradise unhindered by Honolulu. No, they got to screw you up with a Rail Disaste and perfect Traffic Jams daily.

"Social Dancers don't just dance. They perform, they breathe, they watch
the world disappear. They release their feelings and lead with their hearts.
They tear down walls, stop feeling sad and lose the pain. They let go and
they smile. - No, they don't just dance, they do so much more."

A couple times they have had something about exhibition and teaching of African drumming. No one seems to know that the Chinese and the Japanese, three thousand years ago were way ahead in drumming compared to where the Africans are now. Who knows maybe we can help out with our blogging department when any group starts anew. We are here to help. Cholo's with Live Music and Salsa doing just fine and leading the way on the North Shore.

"Hanalei Moon" by Loyal Garner

Looking back on the events of West Oahu, nothing much from Wahiawa or Aiea, so the hits on Platinum Horseshoe blog are not going up as before. Dot's In Wahiawa and live music doing good but no news to us. There are several approaches to dance communication on Oahu. The "cool" unengaged approaches of traditional journalism, including other media.  Ours is the engaged approach and we change with the mood of the reader/dancers according to feedback and try various methods. And when we get more feedback? Wow! You ain't seen nuttin' yet.

"North Shore Reggae Blues" by Willie K

But "ours" are growing daily. Who are "ours?" The definition is still in process so all we can do is guess for the present with our readers. Over seventy percent are the social, cultural, recreational dancers. The ordinary run of the mill dancers, the street dancers that are learning American Style Dance in studios and social dance clubs.They dance most anywhere just for fun and not for show. Dancing to DJ or live music, that is our solid readership.

Feedback by Email:
You should not publish anything about the sex problems of the dancers. It is information only for the three people involved.

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