Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Social Dance - Live Music

There is an increasing amount of town dancing news in Web sites, Blog sites, Newsletters, and probably email exchanges too. Printed seems to have slowed down. Has anyone noticed the traffic in town on Saturday night? We sure need some West Oahu and North Shore dancing news for reader/dancers that live in this area. All are welcomed of course, but we could cater to those that really need the information. Second City and Second Area will eventually be accepted so the Rail Crisis is obsolete right now. The future Business Parks that will be built (under new administrations of course) will let the citizens of this area, live, work and play in a paradise of their own making.

"Social Dancers' definition of a decent society would be one that
first of all, takes care of its losers and protects its weak."

Yes there are more dancers on this entire island than ever before and I suppose that with a few suggestions we could have an even earlier crowd. And perhaps that would establish the first Pau Hana Dance. (Hawaii's version of the Tea Dance.) There is a very large office population in and around this area that lives far away. And the after work dance is a very important agenda for the People in the West. And since they won't do it in town the West may have to lead the way. The Pau Hana Dance. Difficult to do? Yes, but maybe it is about time.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

At a live session many dancers accumulate early and they can have a nice crowd by eight. A few International types but mostly the knock down drag out club dancers. Da reel teeng. No spectacular poses or excessive hand waving. If they shake their booties it is to enjoy the music better. Some places even got in a little line dancing mixed in with the regular. This is a fun crowd, not show business. And there ain't anybody gonna stop'em. But we can keep on Bloggin'em.

"There's an inner power that makes real social dancers. They are the ones who really listen to the truth in their hearts when the music plays."