Thursday, May 11, 2017

Live on the Internet

I found this on the Internet. "I really don't want to share when I find places on Oahu that I fall instantly in love with! Chances are people will catch on to reading reviews and my quiet little sanctuary will be no more as people flood in constantly to see what the fuss is all about! Good for business, bad for me! I'm tempted to keep it all for myself but I learned how to share in elementary school."

"People learn from success, but there is also much to learn from failure."

The thing is that quiet little sanctuaries on Oahu is not what we are seeking . We are looking for a place that is jumping with a live band and fun people. And looking for people that are willing to share that environment with the rest of their fellow dancers in a blog. Feedback has many little items of interest to the readers. How about saying something nice about the band? That makes for repeat readers and that is the name of our game, Social Media, a conversation.

 "Stranger In Paradise" by Frankie Laine.

For our blogosphere, the year is not a big smash just a slow growing number of average hits per day in our total blogs. This includes search engines, Google, Facebook, Twitter, which is just fine with us. However it also includes scam, spam robot hits, most coming from Russia. Some kind of deal Trump made. Then most of our blogging is SOS (same old shit) and feedback is the answer. Dancers have been somewhat computer challenged in the past but they are sure catching up now. Many are no longer learning from me, I am learning from them.

"Social dancers know that positive results will come when they start
to replace their negative thoughts and habits with positive ones."