Wednesday, April 26, 2017

You wanna dance to Live Music.

Yes, I know we don't get many people willing to share their live dance information with our fellow dancers. Much of it is because they do not accept "ballroom dancers." And they do not even know what a ballroom dancer is. Only that "they don't dance like us." But, fortunately we are all slowly accepting the fact that our way does not have to the right way for everyone. We are not clones and if they can enjoy moving to music some other way, - let them.

"Social dancers often say that in dancing we can make a world where

things are done morally, done democratically, done honestly."

If you are just starting out to be a Night Club dancer to Live Music. Be a little more prepared and try to familiarize yourself with the music of the band you will be dancing to. Knowing something of their music beforehand will certainly lessen your anxiety. Arrive early at the venue, take your time to look around and establish rapport with the waiter, waitress, bartender, and the band if you can. Take a walk around and familiarize yourself with the place. You will find comfort in knowing your way around the place, every time you go there.

"Kahalaopuna" by Amy Hanaialii

As a dancer you will pace yourself very nicely in drinking. Not too fast, but all dancers know that they will get thirsty. And unfortunately Nite Spot owners "know" that dancers are not drunks. So they cannot make all their money on the sale of alcoholic beverages. The cover charge is going up because of this. A cover charge of just 10 dollars and an average of 100 people is 1000 dollars for the night. Pays for a little of the night's expenses.

"Just being able to move to your favorite music in some
prescribed manner could be sufficient."