Monday, April 10, 2017

What Snew?

We just ran into another classification for dancers. Where do you fit in?

0. Zeros: "What's dancing?"

1. No I never, I just came in to look around. Where are all the ladies? Where are all the men? I don't know if this is my kind of music.

2. Ladies say, "Not enough men." Men say, Not enough pretty ones." I just came in for the exercise, and pass the time. This is transitional period for most people. They come and go and sometimes even come back again.

3. Good beginners with a loose style, and good execution of the basic movements. Most will dance stiffly, the steps are important and the styling is nothing - yet.

"Maui Waltz" by Loyal Garner

4. Experienced beginners and intermediates, regular attendees to most social functions, some night club attendance too. They begin to develop their own loose, relaxed styling to most basic moves.

5. Very good intermediates, which would include some of our amateur instructors who are developing some good styling along the way. Can interact very nicely with night club dancers.

6. Best intermediates, cultural, recreational dancers with a repertoire of over 40 basic steps and patterns in most dances. Good styling and can advise most beginners along the better lines and sometimes become instructors.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

7. Solid advanced dancers that are well versed in Gold level and beyond, some exhibitions, and will be specializing into the International style of dance in order to compete.

8. Close to top of the line in all dances, repertoire of perhaps one hundred steps and patterns in every dance, They can become good instructors and usually terrific exhibition dancers.

9. These are verging on the professional and many do move over into the professional, usually for the pleasure of helping others and incidentally picking up a little cash along the way.

10. Nobody is perfect, except you, of course. So where does everyone else fit in?

"Getting Sentimental Over You" by Tommy Dorsey

The amount of dancers in each group are according to the normal curve. Most of our dancers in the 5 and 6 class. The value of our blogs will be in the uniqueness of every blogger that contributes information to share with our fellow dancers. That will be the ultimate and we must be patient.