Saturday, April 29, 2017

Night Clubs, Live Music

Back in days before WWII, we had recorded music but not much because we couldn't afford it. And occasionally we got a chance to see a live performance of some the best orchestras at the biggest theater in town. When we heard someone's record, we knew it.  "Gene Krupa, the drummer, that’s Benny Goodman!" We knew who was playing what, because we listened to these guys impressions so much, we knew how they sounded; we knew what they did. Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman, "That's Harry James on trumpet."

"Social Dancers dance the dance they dance. They don't
dance the dance that people who dance, dance."

Now you listen to music coming from the CDs and tapes and somebody has to tell you who the person is that’s playing. But nowadays we have millions of records to remember and many do not last in our minds for long. If there are a million published every year how many can we remember as the very very best - it cannot be many. That is the big value of those musicians on Oahu that have an idea of which are the oldies but goodies. And those may be enjoyed for twenty, thirty, forty years later.

"At Last" by Glenn Miller

Disc jockeys do an excellent job of getting the latest record hits in their repertoire. They consider it the prime objective and they usually play their music non stop. But live bands cannot add new stuff as easily. They find oldies but goodies can be played for a  longer period. As an additional benefit there is a refreshing pause between each number. And as far as the more experienced dancers are concerned, that is where they will find the most enjoyable dancing. Specially with Latin music.

"String Of Pearls" by Glenn Miller

The band plays "As Time Goes By" - 75 years old, sounds beautiful and you dance a slow fox trot enjoying every movement to the music. The music ends and you and your partner go back to the table feeling very good. You have enough time to take a sip of your poison and exchange a few pleasantries with your dance partner. You have enough time to digest the good experience of the entire enchilada before they play the next one. That is social dancing, nothing frantic about it.

"Self-praise is for losers. Be a Social Dancer - stand for something.
Always have class, and be humble."