Thursday, April 6, 2017


By Steven Cabanilla, Whitmore Village

Apparently no one knows how much we drink or how much we should drink. But are all pretty sure that social dancers are not drunks. And that why bar owners have not been very happy with dancers of any kind. On the mainland there are many that now have a "juice bar." Dancers can get thirsty and there is money there. And they sell food in little bits that can be spooned and many dancers snack all night. You can see a couple hundred dollars in one night. Eat, drink and be merry.

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Together with the cover charge most places on the mainland that do this do pretty good. There are people that go to Night Clubs to get drink, relax and enjoy the environment. Dancers go to Night Clubs primarily to dance. Anything odd about that? The rep has been following them - not much drinking money spent. But bar owners are picking up on other action on Oahu now and somebody is going to lead the way. We do understand that drinking establishments on Oahu have been accustomed to making their profits only in the sale of alcoholic beverages.

"Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho

What happens to the customer after he leaves is of no consequence to the Bar Owner. With Dancers they have less to worry about drunk drivers. Dancers are well aware of it all and it does hold them back from drinking too much. Some supporters do recommend a two drink minimum and we could suggest that one drink per hour would be even better for everyone all around. So for a three hour stay, it would be three drinks. That is not bad for the time involved. And we understand that when you are dancing the thirst is still there.

"Hawaiian Drinking Song" by Hilo Hattie

I suppose you can even have some pop or plain water. Of course, few nightclubs are interested in making the effort to sell non-alcoholic drinks, a juice bar? Unheard of, and they lose. But all of us understand that the cover charge has to go up, to cover the non-drinkers. Suggestions and other dialog from and to the dancers and night club owners could occur for the benefit of everyone. Outside of downtown Honolulu the area can develop into quite a different environment, more for the locals and still satisfy everyone.

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