Saturday, April 15, 2017

Comments, anyone?

Had a busy week and my Depression is almost gone. I get a bit in the morning when I realize where I live now, a prison of my own making. I use to live in Paradise when I lived in Nanakuli. If I could move back there again, I would jump at the chance. Now I have too many things to do to get rid of my best blog and do the best I can with my remaining days.

"One critical consideration when blogging is what you write when there
is nobody standing over your shoulder telling you what to write."

Platinum Horseshoe blog is still blogging among the stars. And Town Dancer is bouncing back with good legit hits - few robots or search engines. With all the rearranging, I thought we were going to lose more hits than we did but we are holding steady now. Blogging Hawaii and Dancing Nights doing fine. The two bottom blogs are Extrava Danza, covering the live music and dance scene. And Ritmo Mestizo, covering the Latin music and dance scene. Both are still in the "unknown and uncharted waters."

We still have dancers that dance strictly to prescribed steps in the prescribed way not caring that they are not being judged by the right people like in a competition. They must dance that way. The more experienced social dancer knows that there is actually much more to dancing than this way and the music is first and foremost. All beginners will first learn any new dance by the use and application of prescribed steps but they gradually learn to move to the music of their choice a bit differently. The leader usually leads in simple moves and the followers do beautifully just by enjoying moving in their fashion. Fortunately most are basic moves that have been done for millenniums. Standing her on her head is not it.

"Alcohol is not in my vodkabulary, so I looked it up in my wiskeypedia,
and I learned that if you drink too much of it, it is likely to tequilya."