Saturday, March 25, 2017

Stumbling Along

Many good dancers do not go to classes. The just party, party, party and mostly to live music in Waikiki. There is some action in the classy hotels on the Waianae Coast but not for us common folk. They will wait on you Hand and Foot, but charge you an Arm and a Leg. Later for them - much later.

"Keep the smile, Leave the tear, Think of joy, Forget the fear, Hold the laugh,
Leave the pain, Be joyous, Cuz it’s time to dance! Happy Holidays!

For sure Waikiki is getting seedier in spots by the day. The traffic is bad and is going to get worse as the Rail Disaster sets in. Parking fees will increase and it is already getting more cheap carnival kine handling. The Hotel String of dancing clubs that was going up to the Airport has been shot to hell by the Rail Disaster. There has been an increase in bankruptcies in Rail Crisis corridor and advertising has almost disappeared for many. Now the locals are leading in the action towards the Kapolei and the Waianae Coast. And what about the North Shore? They are starting to look better.

"My Sweet Sweetie" by Willie K

When it comes to live music, Waikiki is still the top spot in Hawaii. And there may be a new type dance club evolving. Different than the ordinary dance clubs in town that must adhere to a regimen set down by American and International styling associations. The revolution has not been long in coming since they started to lose so many dancers in the prior century. The new may be the "Hawaiian Social style of dance" based on the American but modernizing it to the dances actually being danced socially.

"Waiting In Vain" by Amy Hanaialii

That certainly means excluding Bolero, and including Bachata, Mambo, Merengue and Salsa. It is coming back strongly now as "Social Dancing" in the mix of the club dancer with the ordinary ballroom dancer. Some standard basic movements that have been there for centuries are beginning to be accepted because they are easy and do not require hours of practice or teaching by ultra professionals. We could give them all the help we can give, and hope for the best for the dancers. That is, the ones that do the dancing for fun, not for the others.

Two Quotes:
"Just because you can't dance does mean you shouldn't dance."
"Trust me, you can dance."