Friday, March 10, 2017

Practice - Rehearsal

Our Musician Artists know when they go into the recording studio, they don’t just lay down basic tracks, add a few sweeteners, and a scratch track vocally, then turn to the producer and say, “Sounds great. Let’s get it to the manufacturer!” The artist on Oahu who has any sense at all knows there’s more to be done with the recording. You need a final mix. In fact, the mix can even make or break the song.

"Sometimes we need to step outside, get some air and remind
ourselves of who we are and what we want to be."

And many artists don’t realize there is more to getting a live show ready than just “practicing” the music. Rehearsal involves the musical, the visual, the verbal, the rearranging of songs that were written for our local dance crowd so they work and play better. So Rome was not built in a Day, but we are getting the best in the Pacific right here on Oahu.

"Aloha No Kalakaua" by Amy Hanaialii

Fortunately, the oldies but goodies in live music are being recognized throughout the Islands and we have gone through a good definition in this blog. However there is another group also well known, the Classics. Just a little different from the Oldies. They are the ones that stand the test of time. La Paloma, 1850s and La Golondrina, 1860s, originally in Spanish, will remain throughout the world as Classics.

"Old Devil Moon" by Jimmy Borges

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"We dance because there no greater feeling in the world than moving
to our favorite music and letting the rest of the world go by."