Friday, March 3, 2017

Live On Oahu

By Franklin Nguyen, Ewa Beach

Few of our musicians make the mistakes that are made in the Mainland. And the biggest is  “Winging it” which is mistaken for spontaneity. “Dude, I’ve got to be spontaneous – I can’t rehearse my show!” Sometimes our reply could be “Awesome – but if you really want to be spontaneous, make up the song right in front of the audience… that would be real awesome!” They would probably look at us like we are crazy or have 2 heads.

"For Social Dancers there will be many times when the lyrics to the music
you are dancing to were written just for you."

Because of course they practice the music, dynamics, tempo, tones, melodies, and harmonies. They know those need to be right. And, if they’re a group, they work on making the music really tight. But instead of learning the right way to be spontaneous onstage, they mistake “winging it” for spontaneity! They jump around onstage and try different things, hoping something will work. And here’s the irony – when they do something verbally, visually, or musically in front of the crowd one night that gets a great response, they do that same thing the next night, too.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

So where did the spontaneity go? They do the same thing they did the first night because it worked! That’s because spontaneity and winging it are 2 different things. In fact, if they rehearse right, they will leave room for spontaneity in their show. For dancers on Oahu, if they play that terrific oldie like they did last week, they are willing to buy somebody a drink for helping the dancers enjoy and move to that same music.

"Dancers love music with a passion. It is a way of living
and music is essential to their lives."