Monday, March 6, 2017

Dancing Live Music

We are getting some good dancers in the live music scene. Not fancy dancers, just good run of the mill dancers that enjoy moving to their favorite live music. And in the company of friends. As professionals, the first Indian civilizations of a couple millenniums ago made many movements which were unnatural, for the sake of the exhibition. And it still occurs today. But early on they established a difference in dancing for the pure enjoyment of moving to the music of the occasion or doing it as a performance for an audience.

"Dancers were born with need for music already inside of them
and it becomes a necessity like food and water."

On Oahu we are gradually learning that dancing for fun is a far more natural way of movement than the prescribed methods by professionals. The professionals are not wrong, they simply have a different agenda and we should all understand that for it can be beautiful. All of us are learning not to look down on anyone not dancing our way.

"Waterfall" by Willie K

The natural rebellion against structured dance occurs with the young and they are constantly acquiring "new" movements, "new" dances and "new" music and most of these fads all come and go. We should accept it with understanding and even join in if looks like fun. It will soon pass. The Waltz music will remain, the Rumba-Bolero music will remain, well into the next century,

"At Last" by Amy Hanaialii

In 2001, President Clinton handed George Bush a projected 10-year budget surplus over $5 trillion. Bush and Cheney turned Clinton's surplus into a $5 trillion deficit through outrageous tax cuts for the rich, and we voted for these stupid crackpots again. Yeah, I know, it's the bread, Fred, it's the dough, Moe. They are making millions and millions of dollars. Easy Money.

"Dancers can enjoy a glass of wine, for its health benefits. The other
glasses are for the witty comebacks and the flawless dance moves."