Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wat's Doin'? Salsa!

Fifty years ago, I lived in Bluefields, Nicaragua and I went to Managua for the weekend. And on Saturday, we were all going to a "Pereque " (paid party) in Granada. Two full cars and on the way is the small town of Masaya, we stopped to have a couple of beers. I had heard of the new kind of music they were playing there. A mix of Mambo, jazz and anything they could think of and fittingly enough they referred to it as Salsa. (Hot Sauce)

"Music gives soul to the Universe, wings to the Mind,
flight to the Imagination and Life to Everything."

Twenty years later I met Rolando Sanchez in Honolulu and he is from Masaya. We have been friends ever since and he is still at it with the Salsa beat. He is quite into it on the Internet and he seems to be doing just fine, he has good public relations. He is still not sure if he knows me on line but with time he will. Perhaps one of these days I can attend and blog'em. It certainly would be a good opportunity for some one in that gang to send a nice write up to share with our fellow dancers. A few photos would be icing on the cake. Anybody out there?

"Mirando Al Cielo" por Roberto Tapia

It seems that just west of Kalihi was picking up on a lot of dancing. And this was only in a few years back. However the Rail Tragedy has certainly messed that up. Most of the Moanalua Corridor has been completely screwed up and there are several bankruptcies every month. There is hope that one of those hotels in the area will decide that after 50 years of having a ballroom and not having ballroom dancing, there will be dancing there.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul, and the poetry of the foot."