Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Social Dancer

It has usually been recommended that if you want to learn to dance, it is far better and faster to take lessons and we concur. On Oahu we are fortunate to have some of the best amateur and professional teachers of dance in the entire Pacific. It may cost you a small fortune to get private dance lessons but you will learn to dance. And fortunately too, we have the many social dance clubs on Oahu with minimal costs in large classes.

“Happiness in dancing is part of who we are. Joy is
the feeling of moving to our favorite music.”

There will come a point however where the potential dancers must actually experience dancing if he or she is to really learn how to dance: No amount of time taking classes will actually make you a good dancer, Doing the real thing with real people on a real dance floor. That's where the refinement and dance memory develops. That is why street dancers can and do develop into such good dancers.

"I Believe" by Frankie Laine

Additionally, the man will never learn how to become truly accomplished at leading until he dances with several different ladies that he has never danced with before. The same stands for ladies, those who have danced with many men of different skill sets develop great following skills. There is no substitute for actual dance experience with many other dancers if one is to really learn how to dance well and to be versatile.

"Look around the habitable world: how few know their own good,
or knowing it, pursue."