Tuesday, February 28, 2017


By Augustus Lum, Waipio

There are over one millions songs released every year in the US. It would take anyone quite a time to listen to all of them. However the disc jockeys are the ones making the decisions according to their listeners and they will all differ. Some nice ones will emerge after a couple of decades as "oldies music." And it is an informal expression that means even though something is old it could be very good. Another more formal adjective we use to express the same meaning is "classic" but that may take a little longer.

"Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. And the longer a beautiful song has existed in our lives, the more memories we have of it."

The range is a according to age of the listeners. Generally it begins for the listeners in their 20s and ends just about 20 years back. So people 90 years old now have their oldies but goodies which are generally from the year 1947 to the year 1997. Since we do not have clones many will differ from this guess. And a person 60 years was not born in 1947 or even near, when rock and roll was introduced in 1950. The list of oldies but goodies will constantly change so there is no one person that will ever determine that.

 "As Time Goes By" written by Herman Hupfeld in 1931

Since the beginning of rock and roll in the mid 1950s, popular music has undergone many radical changes and branched out into a wide variety of genres, with each decade being defined by a different set of styles. Today, most of what is considered to be oldies but goodies music covers the 1950s through at least the 1990s. although they may refer to them by other names, e.g., "classic hits."

"At Last"  1941, written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren

On Oahu, we are discovering the value and the attraction of the "Oldies But Goodies" and the best place to get to hear this kind of music is from a Live Band. A few fans are already aware of this, and I did not really pay attention until last year. But for sure we are going to enjoy listening and dancing to some of the best music from 1917, a century back.

"Dance to that music for yourself. Those that
don't mind are the ones that matter."

Friday, February 24, 2017

What is last place?

It is now becoming more apparent that this blog is dragging in the hit department. It is also apparent that the hits are going to the other blogs because the total number of hits for all the blogs in slowly increasing. There may be two reasons and one of them is the Name. The dancers simply do not know what kind of information is in the blog. Then too, the possible Information Contributors are not there yet, very important factor.

“Dance to inspire, dance to freedom, life is about experiences
so dance and let yourself become free.”

Blogs are run many different ways but at present, all of our blogs are run just about the same because we do not have enough outside comments. I have established that the frequency of the blogging has an effect on the hits and some of it I can control. At the moment I have them all on the fourth day. The information contributors will determine any changes. They are key to the development of each blog and the more the merrier. And eventually they would have the option of becoming Guest Authors. Unfortunately, most believe they have to be journalists which couldn't be more wrong.

"The Tennessee Waltz" by Patti Page

And many people are realizing how I work. I am hard of hearing but I usually can hear yes. No is just a little harder.  But to be ignored is deafening. I do not have to talk stink about anyone, but may I ignore them? I am also physically impaired but with a little help I can put out a blog. I am very busy, I have much work to do and I must be on my way. Mahalo.

"This search for what you want is like tracking something that
doesn't want to be tracked. It takes time to get a dance right,
to create something memorable." ~ Fred Astaire

Monday, February 20, 2017

Your President

Travel expenses on Air Force One for Trump and family total $11.3 million in one month, almost as much as Obama spent in a year. The bulk of the money has gone to Trump's travel to Mar-a-Lago, his exclusive resort in Palm Beach which he has referred to as the "Winter White House" and most recently the "Southern White House" as in a recent tweet.

"The Truth will rise above falsehood as oil above water."

Not only are millions of dollars going to operate Air Force One and provide security for Trump, but his family also racked up expenses paid for by the US, naturally. The hotel bill for Secret Service agents guarding Eric Trump on a visit to Uruguay was nearly $90,000. The reason for the trip: to promote a Trump-branded condo tower. Hey, he bought the US, now it is payback time. You thought he was going to make America Great? Think again.

You'll never guess, who's plane this use to be. We should all know Trump wasn't going for a simple look when he purchased his beloved aircraft for $95,800,000. The interior is ultra decadent - a marble bathroom, golden accents, deluxe sitting chairs and even pillows embroidered with the jet's crest are just some of the many sights on board. Now, he made a better investment elsewhere, and the citizens of the US will pay for it. To hell with the people, it's the bread, Fred.

"Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword."

Keep the impeachment talk down. Be patient, he is digging his own grave, he just doesn't know it. Another month, he may try to change the first amendment, (freedom of religion, freedom of the press etc.) then we may be able to get rid of him before he gets bumped off. Yes, we know he has had to double his security but there is always a mistake made somewhere, the members of the National Rifle Association will know how to do it. Impeachment is much more effective.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wat's Doin'? Salsa!

Fifty years ago, I lived in Bluefields, Nicaragua and I went to Managua for the weekend. And on Saturday, we were all going to a "Pereque " (paid party) in Granada. Two full cars and on the way is the small town of Masaya, we stopped to have a couple of beers. I had heard of the new kind of music they were playing there. A mix of Mambo, jazz and anything they could think of and fittingly enough they referred to it as Salsa. (Hot Sauce)

"Music gives soul to the Universe, wings to the Mind,
flight to the Imagination and Life to Everything."

Twenty years later I met Rolando Sanchez in Honolulu and he is from Masaya. We have been friends ever since and he is still at it with the Salsa beat. He is quite into it on the Internet and he seems to be doing just fine, he has good public relations. He is still not sure if he knows me on line but with time he will. Perhaps one of these days I can attend and blog'em. It certainly would be a good opportunity for some one in that gang to send a nice write up to share with our fellow dancers. A few photos would be icing on the cake. Anybody out there?

"Mirando Al Cielo" por Roberto Tapia

It seems that just west of Kalihi was picking up on a lot of dancing. And this was only in a few years back. However the Rail Tragedy has certainly messed that up. Most of the Moanalua Corridor has been completely screwed up and there are several bankruptcies every month. There is hope that one of those hotels in the area will decide that after 50 years of having a ballroom and not having ballroom dancing, there will be dancing there.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul, and the poetry of the foot." 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tango, West Oahu

By Darian Chow, Lualualei

We in West Oahu are fortunate that we can still make our way in the dance world. It can be pretty tough in town. And Tango is one of the dances where we will do it the best. As every where else the rootzi-tootzis make the divisions. In Honolulu, the Creative Researchers And Producers go along with it and they establish the elite. So we have no choice but to establish our own class of ordinary dancers.

"Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof."

Because of the "eliteness" of International Tango and the Argentine Tango, the tango is in limbo throughout the world. And it seems that too many people have their own interpretations of what it should be. The Finnish Tango based on the Argentine Tango is just beautiful, and now being danced in all the Scandinavian countries, the Western part of Russia, the Baltics and parts of Eastern Europe. It is now being referred to as the Nordic Tango but it will eventually cover all of Europe.

"Mi Buenos Aires Querido" By Placido Domingo

In Hawaii, some fusion can already be seen in spots because of the dictatorial International and the Argentine Tangos, both have made it plain that they are "it" and by default anyone else is not "it." No Hu Hu, it should be understandable, it has happened throughout the history of dance. And the amalgamation on Oahu may occur in the Filipino Tango.

"La Comparsita" by Yoichi Suwahara and Graciela Susana

The few changes that have been done by Dance teachers in Hawaii in their exhibitions have been "show business," not da reel teeng. So we have to find aficionados of the Tango dance music and then fuse the American (very good base) with the Filipino Tango, (step, step, step) and then get the Foxtrot in with its quick, quick, slow. It would be a Hawaii Tango, for the social enjoyment of moving to that beautiful Tango Music. There are plenty of Tango aficionados on Oahu that can do this.

"La Media Luz" by Julio Iglesias

And it will take time. We are not talking the dancing first, we are talking the music first. How about live music with a bandoneon? And I want to move to that music the way I want to. Not the way some paid advisor has told me because it is "correct." I hesitate to make the prediction but there are plenty of good Tango aficionados of the music that are going to do this and it will be inevitable in West Oahu. Hooray!

"Nostalgia" by Placido Domingo

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Social Dancer

It has usually been recommended that if you want to learn to dance, it is far better and faster to take lessons and we concur. On Oahu we are fortunate to have some of the best amateur and professional teachers of dance in the entire Pacific. It may cost you a small fortune to get private dance lessons but you will learn to dance. And fortunately too, we have the many social dance clubs on Oahu with minimal costs in large classes.

“Happiness in dancing is part of who we are. Joy is
the feeling of moving to our favorite music.”

There will come a point however where the potential dancers must actually experience dancing if he or she is to really learn how to dance: No amount of time taking classes will actually make you a good dancer, Doing the real thing with real people on a real dance floor. That's where the refinement and dance memory develops. That is why street dancers can and do develop into such good dancers.

"I Believe" by Frankie Laine

Additionally, the man will never learn how to become truly accomplished at leading until he dances with several different ladies that he has never danced with before. The same stands for ladies, those who have danced with many men of different skill sets develop great following skills. There is no substitute for actual dance experience with many other dancers if one is to really learn how to dance well and to be versatile.

"Look around the habitable world: how few know their own good,
or knowing it, pursue."

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Night Clubbing on Oahu

The power of live music to make folks feel good is on full display at a host of Oahu night clubs. From Makaha to Makapuu Point and from Barber's Point to Turtle Bay. Multiple options let you tap into the venues that the regulars go to, the tried and true nightlife spots for locals. Most of the fans like listening to the bands and vocalists showing off their skills.

"Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though
EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer.
And stubbornly refuse to fit in.

Social dancers love the pause that refreshes to separate the spectacular presentations, specially the oldies but goodies. These crowds are generally the more experienced dancers and do not need a frantic environment. They like to spend a pleasant evening with people they know, dancing, having fun and letting the rest of the world go by. The entire dance enchilada on Oahu is getting better everyday in spite of the Rail Catastrophe.

"Frenesi" by Artie Shaw

While many venues on the local music scene are clustered in the Waikiki area, there are many terrific places to hear live music to be found throughout Oahu. Kapolei has been stopped by the Present Rail Party but the Waianae Coast and the Central Valley have live music now and ready and willing for that new one coming in soon that will be well away from the Rail Disaster. The local scenes are places where everybody knows each other's name for good dancing, good drinks, great food and good times.

"Perfidia" by Benny Goodman

"Wine does not make you fat, it makes you lean ... against
walls, doors, floors, chairs and funny people."