Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Pause that refreshes

by Maile Nakamura, Nanakuli.
Mozart a long time ago proclaimed that the silence or absence of a note was just as important as the note itself. In the course of time we have come to the conclusion that the pause between tunes is one of the most appreciated pauses in dancing to Live Music. And it has come very natural to the scene from its very beginning. Most dancers are social dancers and that does not mean dancing, dancing and more dancing with no time to socialize.

"Dancers may think that music is not to hear but to feel."

After the band plays their good piece, the dancers go to their respective seating places. They have time for a nip or two on their drinks, have a few social comments with their friends and they are ready when the next piece starts. A Classic smooth sexy Rumba with a smooth sexy rhythm, wow. Now they want to enjoy moving to this great classic.  When it ends they have time to mull it over when they go back to their seats. This does not happen always. Why?

The entire song was appreciated from every memory from way back. The tune may even remain in the dancer's mind for the next day. And it may not matter if it was danced in a Fox Trot by somebody else. The dancers were enjoying the movement to this particular music and that is what counts. Now may I say something about that great piece they just played? It was terrific.

"Music is a world within itself, with a language that we all learn to understand."