Thursday, January 19, 2017

Live Music

There must be some Live Music somewhere on Oahu that is not a secret club, but so far, the results are that we don't know anything. Up to them, no hu hu. This blog has not hit bottom but it is on its way. It may not be all my fault, but the final decision will be made by the reader/dancers.

"Let us seek truth everywhere; let us cull it wherever we can find
its blossom or its seed. Having found the seed let us scatter it
to the winds of heaven. Whenever it may come, whither so
ever it may blow, it will be able to germinate."

Many places have their own Web sites and they feel they can "ignore" us as well as anyone else. of course they can. And it has been duly noted on our books and we must accept that we can do nothing for them. They think in terms of "instead of" whatever they have to promote their dance group. They have not conceived the idea that blogs are an "addition to" whatever they have. That is the name of the game and we are in the process of making the evolution so that every dancer on this island can partake of the many benefits.

Wasabi- oldies but goodies

West Oahu can be no other path for this blog for the immediate future and this includes the North Shore.  Lucky we are getting some good kokua from some in the West. There are people that realize it, blogging is ten times more effective than flyers and newsletters. Our readers will see, not only the poster with the coming attraction but also what happened at the function - notes and photos. The reader/dancers get to know that everyone attending was having a ball. The name of the game?

“Dancers know that if they let the improvement of themselves keep them busy,
they will have no time to criticize others.”