Sunday, January 1, 2017

Live Music? Where?

By Jonathan Sugimoto, Waikele

Whether you prefer the quiet, laid back sound of waves crashing and guitar picking – or the thrill of a crowded, blaring concert environment – when it comes to the local nightlife and music scenes, Honolulu Downtown and Waikiki still has got you covered. By venturing from the beach to the downtown area you can indulge in a variety of atmospheres.

"Dancers know that one of the most destructive forces in our dance
world is gossip and those who spread it."

Live music clubs in Honolulu vary in size and style, some maintaining the basement or garage feel that has birthed so many of rock & roll's most famed bands, while others revel in the posh and sophisticated décor of piano lounges. Many of the newer clubs have good sized dance floors. And the Bachata - Salsa clubs have a little Cha Cha Cha and a Merengue now and then. We can expect a full fledged Latin Club in West Oahu.

"E Ku'u Morning Dew" by Willie K

There are always special appearances and weekly entertainment at local bars, restaurants, theaters, and clubs. Then there are seasonal concert series offered throughout the year. Finding something special in Honolulu has never been easier. From sultry jazz dens to head-banging metal clubs, Honolulu has no shortage of havens for live music lovers. When the sun goes down in Honolulu, the fun has just begun.

"Dancing in the Street" by Nohelani Cypriano

Thanks to this lively nightlife, many new places are in the planning stages in West Oahu for more enjoyment after dark. The Waianae Coast, the Central Valley for sure and the Latin Club would be perfect in Kapolei. The fans on Oahu find the live music scene as unpredictable as ever. If we can get the news we will print it right here.

"Social dancing is not just a dance, it is magical.
It is something that sets you free."