Saturday, December 3, 2016

Live Music Update

We are gradually getting a good glimpse of the dancescape on Oahu and we can see a lot of good people enjoying the moving to their favorite musical arrangement and most of it to Live music. This island is just loaded down with dancers of all kinds. Take a good look, you all know it and lucky for us, that few will inform us that we are dancing "incorrectly."

"Never let it be said, that to dream is a waste of time. Dreams are our realities
in waiting, and in dreams we plant the seeds of the future."

Fortunately we are stuck with what we enjoy and do best. The social dance based on the American style of dance with all the variations pertaining to the island of Oahu. Lucky too that we have some of the best teachers of American dance in the Pacific right here on Oahu. I look forward to the acceptance of the alternative basic in the Rumba. There appears to be enough changes in our social dancing that we will realize the fact that a  "Hawaiian Style of Social Dance" will eventually emerge.

"Stranger In Paradise" by Tony Bennett

For our dance blogs our needs are still very basic.  The most important at this time are Information Contributors that are willing to share there knowledge of the dancing scene with their fellow dancers. And we will make connections to Dance Groups, Community Centers, District Parks, Night Clubs and anything else that has to do with our kind of dancing. Readers? With the right info, we will phase over into the new methods and the hits will go into the stratosphere.

"In our world, please feel free to dance anyway you want to dance."