Sunday, November 13, 2016

Who Dances To Live Music?

Dancing to live music is a great experience for any social dancer or night club performer. Most dancers are in agreement that it is different from dancing to recorded music. And Social Dancers have been fortunate enough to have experienced this on Oahu. Recorded music is not bad, we have been dancing to technological stuff since the Victrola. With Live Music, dancers have a choice.

"Most dancers are well aware that dancing is a poem in which each
delicious movement to our favorite music is a word."

With live music it is much easier to feel the emotions in the song and the music, because the energy that the singer and the musicians transmit, is much greater than with recorded music. Mistakes? So which of us is perfect? We accept it because it is human and we continue to enjoy. The secret for a dancer is just to relax, tune in and go with the flow of the music. No fancy patterns. just the 60 or so regular basic ones that we dance in sheer joy year after year to our favorite music. And some of us regulars get to know the performers on a personal basis and it makes happy dancing for all.

Yes, we know, the days of the Big Bands are over. We find that seven
or less is best for Oahu. We may be wrong and you may be right.

We don't get much information to share with our reader/dancers because of my physical disabilities and I have lived in Nanakuli for eight years. Now I live in Pearl City and though I must use a walker, I have access to rhe Handi Van. I am ninety one years old but I am starting to roll again, just to get the information to share. In Blogging that is the name of our game. You got something? Email it to me, it will be appreciated by our reader/dancers, (the bodadem.)

"Dancers know that into each life, a little wine must fall."