Thursday, November 17, 2016


We are getting closer to this special group that can say "We are for Live Music." It is different from ordinary social dancing to DJ music but we should not be looking down on anybody. At a Live Music Affair we sometimes may have the time and the opportunity before the music starts to introduce ourselves to the band. This will also be the opportunity for them to ask if we have any requests for a particular song. This is Social Dancing, da reel teeng.

"Gossip is like a bubble, it floats around for awhile and then it pops,
it is a lie and the truth is known."

Request a song if you wish. If you request at least one song, it will show the musicians that you are knowledgeable and you appreciate their music. However, do not go over the top by requesting too much as some musicians can be annoyed by this. Stands to reason and most of us understand this. They are there to please everyone, not just you and they are doing terrific on Oahu.

 "Music, Music, Music" by Theresa Brewer

Most of us have become familiar with the music. We know what we like and are familiar with the most popular songs. Of course, live music does not necessarily sound exactly like the versions recorded on CDs and some improvisational skills are always needed. But throughout the years we have learned what we like and we do like some more than others. It is all personal and it is not all the same.

"Dancers know that the best wines in the world are
the ones we drink with friends."