Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Live Music on Oahu

Oahu is a hot spot for live music and we all realize that most of it is in Waikiki. You can find some of the best local artists performing throughout Oahu, but most are in downtown Honolulu. And the downtown Fat Cats along with the Present Rail Party are going to do their best to stop it from going anywhere else. Second City is out as far as they are concerned.

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You’ll discover music all along Waikiki’s main strip of Kalakaua Avenue, from street performers to local musical legends. Listen to traditional Hawaiian music and watch hula performances at the Moana Surfrider and other Waikiki hotels. Tiki’s Grill & Bar and Duke’s Canoe Club feature contemporary Hawaiian music. Or listen to jazz at the Lewers Lounge in the Halekulani Hotel - Esquire magazine once named this one of the best bars in America. Hey, let's face it, this is very nice. But what about those of us that live in the outskirts. We have to avoid the Rail Disaster. The Fat Cats in Honolulu are well aware of this.

"The Hukilau Song" by Don Ho

Beyond Waikiki you’ll find other music venues. Just a few minutes away in the Ala Moana Center - Hawaii’s largest open-air shopping mall - the Mai Tai Bar features popular island music in a lively hot spot, and many locals attend. Downtown Chinatown’s urban setting is home to stylish bars and restaurants featuring jazz, rock, acoustic and DJs. From Hawaiian music at a local bar to sell-out arena shows, Oahu has a variety of live music spots to discover.

"Mokihana Lullaby" by Loyal Garner

But first up should be Second City in spite of the stumbling blocks by the Present Rail Party. Then the Waianae Coast is wide open. The Central Valley is developing very good and could have become the entertainment center of West Oahu. But the Dance Pavilion in the Patsy Mink Recreation Center was cancelled to pay for the Rail Crisis. And how about the North Shore? Patience.

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