Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Live Music Fans

On any given Saturday night, only one half of the dancers attending the night club function are real "Live Music Fans." The rest are there only because it is their night out and what the hell, this is as good as any. Perhaps we are wrong and somebody out there has a different opinion. Use the comments in the blog or email to us and we will post it.

"In our Dance World, malicious gossip may be carried by haters,
spread by fools and accepted by idiots." 

The regulars acknowledge the band. At the beginning of the performance, they nod to them, look at them and acknowledge them during the performance by turning towards them and looking at them every now and again, and finally bow to them and encourage the audience to clap for them at the end of a performance. This is a social world and they may communicate non verbally with the band. They may agree to a communication code beforehand, to communicate if they would like the music to speed up or slow down.

"At Last" by Glenn Miller, Ray Eberly on vocals.

They listen to the music and try to enjoy it. As they dance, they try to take in as much of the music as they can. This does not mean hitting every accent (dancing like this would seem too mechanical) but pay attention to the music. They do not forget to smile and relax, - an intense look of concentration on a dancer’s face does not look good! - So enjoy yourself, everyone around you is having fun too.

"As dancers, we dance for ourselves and if someone understands, that is good. If not then no matter, we shall continue to do what we love to do."