Monday, November 21, 2016

Listener - Dancer

Live music fans can also be divided into three different groups.

The Listeners at about 30%, in which at a young age they learned to listen only. They may move around at a very young age but soon lose that nonsense. By the time of their teens they become very heavily involved in listening to music on their portable "whatever",  and are always looking forward to the Latest hits. Then they phase over into the going to concerts, which have done very well in the past half century.

"Most dancers seem to know, that those people are not happy
with their lives if they are busy discussing ours."

Then we have the people that are both listeners and dancers at about 50%, They were just listeners but at some point in their lives realized that they enjoyed moving to music. And many did not go into dancing until their forties. They remain the most solid group for the music and dance business and they seem to enjoy dancing any dance and any way that makes them happy. They are Social Dancers.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Then we have the dancers that are only interested in the dance movement at about 20%. Many are extremely well versed in the music and dance, but the music is minor to them, the importance is the movement and the looks of the movement. These three groups can phase easily into one or another and we can accept them all and not look down on anyone.

From a long time wine drinker:
"Taste to me is a wavelength. It is like listening to Gustave Mahler or
Burt Baccarach, it is all good but there is a spectrum of intensity.