Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Band

They are a fairly new band on Oahu and their band has only played a handful of shows.  They have a three or four song demo CD they recorded on their own and that they distribute (for free) at shows to try to gain some notoriety.  They are playing shows as often as venues will let them and are outgoing and friendly with the audience at shows.  They have put their songs up on Pinterest and/or Facebook, and yet, they don’t seem to be gaining any popularity.  The band is bamboozled.

"If some dancers have to gossip to you about other people to make
themselves more interesting. Guess who they talk about
when they are talking to other people."

Does anyone know that their three or four song demo CD is up against 100 million other songs that have been produced?  That’s some pretty tough odds against anybody. Then think about the local bands that don’t have music online.  Think about street performers who don’t care to make a CD. What does this 100 million number mean, though, to a musician?  It means that if you aren’t somehow tapped into mainstream radio crap, if you don’t have connections with the higher-ups, your chances of becoming known, much less popular, are now worse than ever.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

Sure, Twitter and Facebook can help, but they are still competing with millions of others just for attention (good, bad, or indifferent).  The market is so saturated, even the good unknown bands are having a hard time getting an audience.  Additionally, it doesn’t help when today’s society puts more emphasis on dancing, dressing vacuously, and acting like a stripper than on having actual musical talent. So how about the Island of Oahu? We are looking into it. Where can we help?

"Dancers may have been clever yesterday and wanted to change their
dance world. Today they are wiser and want to change themselves."