Saturday, September 10, 2016


Down but not out, -- yet.
It is quite apparent that most of the live music in downtown Honolulu is pretty well covered with web sites. And most think they get millions of hits per day. However the fact remains that they do not know simply because they do not have counters. Very basic on the Mainland for not only themselves but also as information for the readers of the Web or Blog sites. Granted, counters are far from perfect but you can sure get an idea in comparison with others.

"There will be times when they will break us down, but grab a seat and watch us pick up the pieces, rebuild and come back stronger than ever."

So now that I am beginning to walk again (with a walker) I plan on going to see the Live Music in the West and many do not have Web or Blog sites. And when I get the information to share with our fellow dancers, watch the hits go up through the ceiling. The main thing will be to get someone's individual opinion to share, and there are plenty out there. You figure, this is not gossip.

"Sobre Las Olas" por Juventino Rosas.

And our biggest audience of readers will be just ordinary dancers none of these big stars being featured in other social media. It has been mentioned often that we have, small, medium and large, always three categories in everything. We have the Bronze, Silver and Gold. Good enough. Most of out readers will be in the Bronze and Silver. Any others up higher will have their own agendas. No hu hu.

'So let our enemies say what they will, for our sins are many, and
perhaps because of their back biting and slander, our sins wlll
be lightened and instead fall upon their shoulders."