Monday, August 15, 2016


This is getting good and we accept that many people have their own opinions. Of course, some will be contaminated by the Creative Researchers And Producers and it will be evident to most of us.  Constructive Criticism is one thing, Nit Picking is another. Most people with a little common sense will be well aware of the difference. Translated from the Spanish. "We do not get mad and we do not get even. We understand and we accept,"

"Don't worry too much about those who talk about you behind your back.
They are behind you for a reason."

We have seven blogs (The Magnificent Seven) and have diluted the readership, but the whole enchilada still continues to grow at a slow but steady rate and we must realize that it has to slow down somewhere. The law of diminishing returns is already here. Some of our reader/dancers are beginning to contribute a few words and some have contributed a few photos. The fans of Live Music will certainly help.

"Heart Aching Blues" By Willie K.

Everyone will gradually see that the results are a benefit for everyone. We must continue our search for Information Contributors. We need more information on what's doin'?  The rules are very strict. You contribute whatever information you think is pertinent and you do it whenever you damn well please. And you can pick the blog you want it to go in. We gotta run a tight ship here, All the blogs are according to my parameters until they go independent. Then they will make their own rules.

"I Will Dance With You" by Willie K.

We are limited in the photos we can download for our blog because of the copyright in most of the Web sites. We do not have a copyright on any of our blogs so you may see many of our posters in the search engines of the internet.