Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Live Music

It has spread quite broadly throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The residents have been very fond of Live Music and with good reason. I have met many that confess that they feel a certain joy in dancing to Live Music. If there are mistakes made, they are all part of the fun and the known environment. So to each his own.

"The willingness of America's veterans to sacrifice their lives
for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude."

We got this from Facebook but could not find a copyright. If anyone objects,
it will be deleted immediately if not sooner.

I realize that this is mostly, at present, a matter of semantics, but really we must get accessible information on all types of dancing to put them all in their proper place. And from there, we, the dancers can make a reasonable choice of where we want to be. Most of us do not know many of the viewpoints. And if you get your information from the Creative Researchers And Producers you're lost. All of your local blogs will be your best method of staying informed on the overall picture.

"Cherokee" by Charlie Barnett

We must inquire a little more and perhaps we can find the promised land. Look into the Night Club scene with real interest and see what they are dancing. Look into the specialties, line dancing, swing dancing, salsa dancing, tango dancing, country dancing. Then you may get close to a proper conclusion. You can be a social dancer and be damn proud of it. You can dance just for the pure enjoyment of moving to the music of your choice. And to be able to dance with most people in the same level of social dance..

"Every time we dance, we turn into a better version of ourselves."