Saturday, May 28, 2016

What is it?

Our reader/dancers can find the power of live music on Oahu, to make folks feel good. Fortunately, they find it on full display at a host of Oahu night clubs. If listening to live bands and vocalists show off their skills is how you like to spend an evening, you'll find that Oahu does things almost right.

"Thoughts of people can be more valuable than money. When you
exchange dollar bills you each still have one, but if you
exchange an idea, now you each have two."

Multiple options let you tap into the venues that are appearing in the outskirts of Oahu. like Dot's in Wahiawa, a tried and true nightlife spot for locals of Central Valley. While many venues on the local music scene are clustered in the Waikiki area, there are terrific places to hear live music that can be found throughout Oahu. We don't get much news from the good spots in Honolulu but they have plenty of fans and will soon be sharing their info goodies with their fellow dancers on these blogs.

In Mililani - Just Tacos with Salsa has the locals flock to a dance place where everybody knows each other's name for great food, good drinks and good times. So no matter where you are you will be able to find after dark fun dancing and socializing with live music to set the mood. And we are all waiting for something on the Waianae Coast. West Oahu is growing in spite of the Rail Blunder.

"There is no dignity quite so impressive and no independence
quite so important - as living within your means."