Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Night Clubbing?

If we are fans of live music, Oahu will not fail us. I am not very familiar about Honolulu's live music scene, but I know that this city shows all-embracing talent for all types of music. In addition to Latin music, rhythm and blues music, rock, jazz, hip-hop, classical… no matter which is your taste, you will find your favorite on this Island!

"Yes, we accept that there are many poor people in our dance scene.
They can never afford the luxury of integrity."

Many times, punk, rock lovers and bands often get together and perform outdoors or in some tiny clubs throughout every region of Oahu. The annual Street Scene has seen dozens of national recognized bands while the rest bring the local talents into the spotlight. Of course, live music and concerts are often given at the Blaisdell in Honolulu. So if you are living on Oahu, go ahead and enjoy whatever you can find to like.

 "The Music Of Hawaii" by Melveen Leed

The only negative is that the traffic scene is going to get worse and parking fees are going to go up when the Rail Disaster is installed. So the outskirts of Oahu look very promising to those in the know. The Waianae Coast, the Central Valley and the North Shore are the most indicated. We just don't get much news from them on this blog. Patience, they will eventually find out and get on these blogs for free public relations. We refer to this as Social Media.

  "Ain't No Big Thing" by Don Ho

The Salsa scene is still going strong even with the advent of "Bachata." Good large bands, (over six) and playing some terrific music. But they do not represent Latin music which is much more that that. In the disciplines of the American Style and the International Style of Ballroom dancers you have the nucleus of Da Reel Teeng.

"Haleiwa Hula" by Amy Hanaialii

"Musicians, from the beginning have always been drinking and sharing
a good wine. It could be another form of vice, but is is not."