Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Private, Not Public?

The entire live music and dance scene on Oahu is hidden away from our reader/dancers on these blogs. Most of these artists are busy with their own Web sites and trying to advertise using the old fashion methods, newspapers, radio, TV, and even in magazines. Of course, they do work. Not many suspect that many blogs are not asking for money. Many blogs, including ours consider what they do as communication to the reader and not advertising. Therefore, no charge - I know, it is hard to believe in these days where "It's the bread, Fred."

 “The most important kind of freedom is to be what we really are. We often
trade in our reality for a role, we trade in our sense for an act. We soon
realize that it is better just to be oneself."

We have made some connection with Huggo's on the Rocks The younger, wilder sibling of the famous seafood eatery next door. From the Big Island news, this spirited joint is a terrific place to wind down the day and usher in the evening.

I got the photo at right from the Internet without any identification except that it was at Huggo's. Perhaps someone there will email us. Mahalo.

"Warehouse Blues" by Willie K

The Kauai Rhythm Kings 

We keep trying to make contact with Live Music and Dance anywhere in Hawaii. Tough going. Very little on the Kauai Rhythm Kings, and much of what we see is copyrighted so we skip it. We will make contact eventually and share the information with our fellow dancers in Hawaii, specially on Oahu.

"Malama Mau Hawaii" by Amy Hanaialii

Like all our other blogs, we need information contributors. Just small interesting dance items for our reader/dancers. What will be eventually known as Social Media. And we shall dance whenever and wherever we have the opportunity.