Monday, April 4, 2016


Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Monday giving California the nation's highest statewide minimum wage of $15 an hour by 2022. That and a similar effort in New York mark the most ambitious moves yet to close the national divide between rich and poor. Experts say other states may follow, given Congress' reluctance to act despite entreaties from President Barack Obama. Trump and the Republicans are not going to like that. They are all rich and they want more.

"We cannot afford to raise the minimum wage if we are going
to increase the maximum wage." ~ Donald Trump.

They still don't want to raise the minimum wage in Hawaii. The Fat Cats in Honolulu are dead set against it. Those at the bottom are supposed to pay for everything including the Rail Disaster. I think Hawaii would do very well with a $12 minimum, but we all know Caldwell, Hanabusa and their friends. "Let them eat cake."

We are going to get a little more Aloha in this state yet.