Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Bottom of the Pile

Of course, not many know what this blog is all about so it stands to reason that it starts the year at the bottom. It took over from the old Live Music blog because there were too many out there named, "Live Music." So we await the ones interested in Live Music to get their two cents in too. We gotta favor someone? These blogs are for everyone and I realize it is going to take some doing to convince people of this.

"The new dance clubs that are in process of organizing will need the
new members to see them as reliable, dependable, credible,
helpful,  respectful, open, responsive and honest."

There are a million ways to experience music, but for the purpose of this blog let's just break it down to two categories: live and recorded. Most of our reader/dancers will agree that we are talking about dance music and could include some music for listening. Many dancers like to hear live music more than twice a month. And many of us can look back and remember some great concerts in our lives, like many of the terrific concerts we have had in Honolulu.

"Fly Me To The Moon" by Jimmy Borges

We can safely say that much of the sound of music on Oahu will never hurt our ears. That is, you don't so much hear the sound of each instrument, you hear it filling the small space we are enjoying. The sound of the entire band seems to float, like a cloud, above the booths. The sound can be beyond what most of us have ever experienced from excellent acoustic recorded music.

"Blue Hawaii" by Amy Hanaialii

In those and other experiences, the music connection was stronger than it could ever be from recordings, but for the most part most of us actually prefer recorded music. First and most obviously because it's a repeatable pleasure that we can have any time we want it. Next, recorded music is, after all, perfected and approved by the artists -- live music may be subject to the vagaries of chance.

"Many people may call it dance, but most dancers call it life."