Thursday, November 5, 2015

Live Music

Live Music on my computer: I got it all now that I discovered the Song Videos on the Internet. Not everything or clear enough but good enough for me. I no longer save the music, now it is complete. The song of course is most important but I have the singer and the band to see at the same time. Put a few together and click "play all" and I have a my own home made show.

"All of us have had the experience of a sudden joy that came when
nothing in the world had forewarned us of its coming a joy
so thrilling that if it was born of misery we remembered
even the misery with tenderness."

The speakers on my computer are cheap tinny things and will give you cheap tinny sound. So I tried it first with regular earphones, and not bad. But now I have some very good speakers and there is not stereo in this building that can beat that sound. Moreover, it is digital, like an other digital item on your computer, and can transfer, copy or delete anything.

"Ceguera De Amor" por El Trio Los Panchos

I have given away my CD players, all my CDs. Then I gave away my DVD player and all my DVDs. Now I have 6 GBs of music on my computer. Have only one back up on a USB drive. And I am thinking of an additional back up in my laptop. Easy as pie.

"Begin The Beguine" by Artie Shaw

I will be moving to Pearl City on December 1st and it is a miracle. Sidewalks and I can walk around with my walker and get some exercise and see the sights at the Pearl City Shopping Center. I can have a beer now and then too. And best of all, now that my health is deteriorating the VA and Tripler Hospital are much closer, it will require only a half day instead of a full day as now from Nanakuli.

Along with her birthday present he thought he would do a little ribbing.
"Wow, I have never made love to anyone over 60."
 She replied, "Oh, I have and it not that great."

If there is any dancing nearby, I can blog'em. My distress is disappearing.