Sunday, September 13, 2015

We Are Not Standing Still

The micros are doing very well in bringing in the hits for the blogs, however they are getting much too crowded. I can hardly find mine in there. So I am starting to prune, Any in there that are not from the Hawaiian Islands are being weeded out. In Twitter, anyone that has too many followers and going out. You want Greece, Bulgaria, go to Facebook.

"Every truth always bends and reshapes itself or
more likely is reshaped by other forces"

"My Isle Of Golden Dreams" by Melveen Leed.

We are having fun with the 30 thousand local dancers on these islands and we are beginning to know each other. Then the only thing holding any blog from hits is the need for some Two Center willing to share dance tidbits with their fellow dancers. Those special persons with their own unique viewpoint are not SOS. (same old shit.) These new people have a refreshing unique viewpoint that will be of interest to our reader/dancers.

The top three blogs have still not been determined but we are getting there. This month will pretty well tell us where we are. One thing for sure, Live Music does not seem to have qualified to be a special group not long ago. Though I believe Richie Fun is the first one to print it in a blog. So we all learn, what the hell, we are beginning to get them into our blogs.

"Shores of Haleiwa" by Loyal Garner

One good Two Center from this section would probably get Live Music into the top three. But like I have stated several times, the readers are the ones that will make the decisions. And there are many places with Live Music that will be glad to be in this blog for the benefit of all the dancers. A good solid studio would be an interesting addition. This is a Dance Blog.