Monday, September 7, 2015

Slow? Yes!

And we got through Happy Labor Day. The news is just starting to come in and Live Music is getting some interest. We will be getting recommendations with times and places to dine and dance.The Stats are going up very nicely. I suspect there will be few in this month that are going to venture an opinion. We not going to let others define our Dance Kuleana, "we" are going to do it and let the others do as they may.

"They say youth is wasted on the young. Did you waste yours?"

The biggest thing holding back the growth of these blogs is the lack of Two Centers that eventually might become Guest Authors. I reach my point of diminishing returns when I get to 30 average hits per day. I am not famous, so that some of you could go easily to 40 on your own blog or web site. I just have to accept my guesses. But in our blogs there is synchronizing. Wha' Dat?

"We should all know what we stand for, not just what we stand against."

Meanwhile, it is still nip and tuck between Blogging Hawaii and Platinum Horseshoe for second place. Out of my hands, the deciding factor will be the people that decide to get their 2 cents in and pick the blog of their choice. From there we can work on getting the first blog independent. That is my dream. And of course, Live Music could pick up and pass all of them, once it gets going.