Thursday, September 17, 2015


By Kazushi Sakuraba, Waipio

Everyone has such good opinions on the subject but that does not make us experts. On Oahu we are getting closer to answering the fundamental question of why music is so essential, And we are in general agreement. Why should we focus on the universal gems of music - like how we can better use music to improve the quality of our lives.

"Belief in the truth may begin with the doubting of all those
“truths” we once believed."

It can also enhance our performance in other academics or careers, improve our relationships, or even to help us stay balanced during life's more challenging times? Shouldn't the first level of understanding a subject matter, especially such a powerful form of intelligence, be an insight into why it has value?

If we knew the "why" of music, and recognized the value and potential benefits already available to us, wouldn't it naturally increase our desire to learn more? Science has already shown, and continues to demonstrate, how music can improve human development in countless ways.

"Blindman in the Bleachers" by Loyal Garner 

"White Sandy Beach" by Bruddah Iz

It is a pleasant drug for the brain, the ultimate mood enhancer for emotional balance, a golden key for unlocking creativity, the secret code behind health and longevity, and the connective fiber between human beings of all races, nationalities and generations.