Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Live vs DJ

Who in society wouldn't benefit from these insights or the ability to tap into such an empowering resource?

If mankind has been using music for these purposes throughout history, why aren't we talking about the workings of music in these ways, thus giving everyone the knowledge and tools to integrate music into their lives in the most potent ways?

We are desperately in need of a new kind of music appreciation program -- one that offers everyone the "why" of music, impresses upon us its deeper values,

We all know that a typical CD released these days will have maybe one or two hits on it along with 12 other "throw away" songs that nobody has ever heard or would want to hear. What's the use of having thousands of JUNK songs?

and helps people better understand how we can most effectively harness its tremendous benefits and better integrate those into our daily lives --

 one that extends beyond the walls of a classroom by creating positive social change and empowering every member of society.

legends filled the airwaves, nightclubs and concert halls. By the time I graduated high school, the music that had filled my life outside those academic walls had inspired me enough to enroll into music school at the esteemed University of Michigan

and, following that, to pursue a career in music. It wasn't my desire to be a performer, however, that pulled me into the depths of study and practice;

 it was my realization and deep appreciation of how essential music was to my own well being and happiness, if not to my very survival.

Then there is also the "music lite" course called Music Appreciation, where even non-musically inclined people can learn about different aspects, styles, and eras of music.

These are often presented as a watered down combination of history and theory framed around the music and lives of dead white composers.

Even if I had access to one of these courses as an elementary school student, I'm not sure I would have fully grasped its relevance to my own life and experience growing in Detroit, nor to the music that consumed my attention for a high percentage of my waking hours.

 I was fortunate to eventually learn the fundamental's hows and whats of music through the conservatory and private lessons. But something was still missing, even at one of the highest-ranking music programs in the country.

The "How To" courses are great for teaching people to become more proficient performers, arrangers or composers.

Oracle has a songlist of over 500 well established, well known songs, in styles ranging from oldies to Top 40 dance, from classic rock to country, from swing & big band to R&B & Motown.

As for "The larger the guest list, the more variety needed in the music", I beg to differ. Most good variety bands these days can cover styles ranging from the big band era through today. Indeed, if you have TOO much variety there is no sense of direction to the music, no continuity. Remember that there is a big difference in "variety" (meaning the styles of music played), and "quantity", (that is, the sheer number of songs available in the repertoire).

DJs obviously have a big edge on quantity, but not necessarily on variety.

The mark of a good party, at least from a musical point of view, is to keep the dance floor busy. If you are playing such a variety that you're going from a classic rock song to a polka to a hip hop tune, you may well end up having a dance floor with only one or two people on it at any given time, and may NEVER have a packed floor. (Notice I said "may" never...just to keep things honest).
Bands Are Too Expensive

A friend of mine is a DJ that does a lot of weddings as well as Bar / Bat Mitzvahs. A typical Saturday rate for him runs over $1000! One guy!!! Let's take a look at this.

What does he do to prepare his music? He heads for Best Buy for the latest "Now That's What I Call Music Volume 332", and heads off to the gig. Some of these guys simply hit the internet and download the songs from their favorite MP3 file sharing site!!!...they have all the latest hits for free. Remind me again...what exactly are you paying them for?