Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Just Wanna Dance

Even a beginner can look around and see that there are many different types of dancers, and perhaps they could even have different goals in mind to achieve long term or within the moment. As adults we should accept that one’s goals can always change given time, influence and results.

"We could all play the game of truth or dare. Or just dare
because nobody tells the truth anymore."

Whether you are a Waltz, Rumba, Swing, or other dancer this holds true for all genres. None of these dances and/or styles are wrong, they just happen to have different goals and objectives. As long as you keep an open mind and your dance positive, you can have a great time with the music.

"Perfidia" by Tommy Dorsey

Most of us just want to just gain enough knowledge to be comfortable on the dance floor and enjoy moving to our favorite music. We just want to fit in, be part of the gang and just have fun. We do not need to take dance to the next level and worry about spins, shines, dips and other acrobatics on the dance floor. All the basic moves are just fine. We mainly care about going out, enjoying the music, the social interaction of meeting others and keeping a smile on their faces. We are social dancers,

Pub's Side Note: The people at the top of the Live Music game are already there and really don't need us. We understand perfectly. However, those that are starting or struggling need our help and we are more than willing. However we don't know which ones they are. Mahalo for whatvah  info you can geeve us to help the others.