Monday, August 10, 2015

This Blog?

"In any learning endeavor, the more knowledge one acquires
on the subject the better their results will be."

The facts are almost here Sea Country and Moanalua Corridor are both on the bottom of the totem pole with every indication pointing to Sea Country as being superfluous  I hate to delete it as I did with the last one, so perhaps we can find another subject for it.

Meanwhile, everything pertaining to Sea Country could very nicely be integrated with the Platinum Horseshoe blog. It may also give Moanalua Corridor an extra boost. The only suggestion we have received so far is that we do not have a dance blog covering live music on Oahu. Any other suggestions would be most welcome.

Mahaha seems to be developing very nicely, but the Present Rail Party and their pals keep  screwing them up as they are doing on all the coasts. Fortunately the North Shore has Salsa at Cholo;s which is a step forward. The Windward side seems to be lost to other private interests and I gave up there.