Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Some "advisors" think that I shouldn't have done this. But I was  watching the hits coming down and no dancing in Waianae in the near future, I had tried about all I could/ For a while there, the scam spam robot hits and the search engines kept it up but for a couple months now, the hits have been going down. Then Waianae had all been part of the Platinum Horseshoe blog anyway..

 "Most important is to have the courage to follow your heart and
intuition. They somehow already know what is right and wrong.
Everything else is secondary.”

Meanwhile there has been no dance blogs dedicated to the lovers of live music. And there are hundreds of those people on this Island.  I received an email containing the following. "Jazz Minds is under new ownership and has a new look. Loving it, more seating and better Fung Shui. Been there several times in the last 6 weeks." Whatever, must respect and the words came from nowhere but it is very interesting for the reader/dancers.

The rich places, of course, do not need our Public Relations but those that are just getting going could use a little blog Social Media. Gotta try sum theeng. I have a few connections in the Salsa scene and hope to find a nice place to visit soon and, "blog'em."