Monday, August 24, 2015


Live Music on Oahu

A dream come true for many on this Island both, for the protagonists and the attendees. I have been looking around and it is definite, all over this island. Band dances are still used on occasion at some ballrooms even though It is considered strange. Along with that, the kids have live punk rock bands, so they are able to hear the hardcore sound associated with moshing.

"Truth is always like oil on water - no matter how much water
you add to depress it - it come always comes out on top."

Formal dances such as proms use live bands as a means of serving the dancers. Also, some people choose live bands because in some places there are virtually no space constraints for the band's instruments. Dance parties with high-end formality have also preferred live bands as means of serving the dancer/fans. In the pop culture for the young, jazz music is being played as it was the ubiquitous genre for live band based dance floors of long ago.

"Tangerine" by
Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell

It is getting to be a good bet for nightlife, Many around the island have endeavored into nighttime entertainment. Some are part restaurant and part night club. And many just start out with a great happy hour cocktails along with the full bar and classic Hawaiian cocktails. Live music is also offered on a regular basis along with karaoke.

Little know secret: The reason the piano was invented. So the musician could have a place to set his beer.