Friday, August 14, 2015

Live Music or DJ

Well, it is a done deal. Sea Country dropped to single digit average per day hits and I have to do something. All I can do is try because there are no experts on dance blogging. Many good opinions though and I will use my usual format.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

There are probably many articles on the debate between hiring a band versus hiring a DJ. All of them state that they are trying to represent both aspects of the debate fairly. But both sides end up honestly bringing  up only the good points on their side.

And let us face it, both sides can have their preferences and everybody could be happy. Many could enjoy both avenues at different times. Why Not? In this blog we bring up a different points of view and that is that some people "like" a live band rather than DJ music and vice versa.

"Alexander's Ragtime Band" composed by Irving Berlin

So, in this early part of this blog, instead of attempting to provide a "fair & balanced" view of the band versus DJ debate we can just take, "likes."

The DJ crowd is the younger part of the dance environment. They wake in the morning and insert those things in their ears, and they take them off when the go to sleep at night. Now with waterproof players, you know what they can do. I exaggerate but it can give you direction. At a night club they are accustomed to having the first note of the following song be right after the last note on the last song. That is what the want and they are happy, so let them be.