Monday, August 31, 2015

Da Reel Teeng

Q: How long does a harp stay tuned.
A: About 20 minutes, or until someone opens a door.

Now I know why we don't have harps in our live music. Any way I am learning a little more each day Last year, I gave away ,my VHS, CD and DVD players and gave away all my media. A big hassle to copy anything. Now I have everything on Digital and that means Computer. Everything is a file, like any other file and can be moved, copied and transferred to other computers like any other file.

 "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley

 I copy music in Mp3 format and video in Mp4 format and it is very simple. Of course, the music by itself is not much because I do not wear ear buds all day long. My music is very select. And now I want my music in video format which is much more gratifying. It is "Live Muisci" on my computer. I not only hear Christina Aguilera singing but I can see her, the stage and all the musicians too. That is the berries. I have them on my small laptop and can see them on the way home from my long journeys into town. Terrific.

"It can be fun listening to lies, when you know the truth"

Now, I have to make contact with a place that has live music and blog'em. Some of you may know and you can let me know. Dream To Dance Studio is developing very nicely.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Four Tips

Four Tips for Any Live Band
Written by Norris Wooten
The original article written by Chris Huff

"And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced
at least once. And we should call every truth false which was
not accompanied by at least one laugh."

Here are four ways any band can work towards moving up to the next level

1. Listen closely to professional recordings of the song and take detailed notes.
What instruments are used? When are they used? How are they used? What changes in the vocals from one verse to the next? By examining a song, you’ll have the start of a plan for arranging your version of the song.

2. Review your choice of instruments. Yes, you may have a kick drum but what if a song only incorporated the cymbols? Two guitars playing rhythm might sound nice at first, but you can add color and depth when one of those guitars plays in a different octave and / or different chord voicings. Maybe it’s time to add a bass player. Does the drummer have a djembe they could play?

3. Don’t play all instruments all the time. Any band can easily fall into this trap. Usually, the song starts with a good opening arrangement but by the time it’s the second verse, everyone’s playing. Instruments can drop out for a passage. Guitarists can play at half-speed for a passage. And for something totally off the wall – if you have strong vocalist, don’t play an instruments at all for a passage!

4. Talk with the sound guy. For instance, you’ve got a new song arrangement that you think is great — play it and ask the sound guy what he or she thinks. Working on a sound team requires knowledge of both science and the art of music. You might find out that you need to add space in your mix because of too many instruments crowded around the same frequencies. You might find out that your killer bass riff idea is being covered up by the drum arrangement. The sound guy isn’t passing judgment on your arrangement; they are helping you with your arrangement.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Live Music on Oahu

A dream come true for many on this Island both, for the protagonists and the attendees. I have been looking around and it is definite, all over this island. Band dances are still used on occasion at some ballrooms even though It is considered strange. Along with that, the kids have live punk rock bands, so they are able to hear the hardcore sound associated with moshing.

"Truth is always like oil on water - no matter how much water
you add to depress it - it come always comes out on top."

Formal dances such as proms use live bands as a means of serving the dancers. Also, some people choose live bands because in some places there are virtually no space constraints for the band's instruments. Dance parties with high-end formality have also preferred live bands as means of serving the dancer/fans. In the pop culture for the young, jazz music is being played as it was the ubiquitous genre for live band based dance floors of long ago.

"Tangerine" by
Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell

It is getting to be a good bet for nightlife, Many around the island have endeavored into nighttime entertainment. Some are part restaurant and part night club. And many just start out with a great happy hour cocktails along with the full bar and classic Hawaiian cocktails. Live music is also offered on a regular basis along with karaoke.

Little know secret: The reason the piano was invented. So the musician could have a place to set his beer.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Some "advisors" think that I shouldn't have done this. But I was  watching the hits coming down and no dancing in Waianae in the near future, I had tried about all I could/ For a while there, the scam spam robot hits and the search engines kept it up but for a couple months now, the hits have been going down. Then Waianae had all been part of the Platinum Horseshoe blog anyway..

 "Most important is to have the courage to follow your heart and
intuition. They somehow already know what is right and wrong.
Everything else is secondary.”

Meanwhile there has been no dance blogs dedicated to the lovers of live music. And there are hundreds of those people on this Island.  I received an email containing the following. "Jazz Minds is under new ownership and has a new look. Loving it, more seating and better Fung Shui. Been there several times in the last 6 weeks." Whatever, must respect and the words came from nowhere but it is very interesting for the reader/dancers.

The rich places, of course, do not need our Public Relations but those that are just getting going could use a little blog Social Media. Gotta try sum theeng. I have a few connections in the Salsa scene and hope to find a nice place to visit soon and, "blog'em."

Friday, August 14, 2015

Live Music or DJ

Well, it is a done deal. Sea Country dropped to single digit average per day hits and I have to do something. All I can do is try because there are no experts on dance blogging. Many good opinions though and I will use my usual format.

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

There are probably many articles on the debate between hiring a band versus hiring a DJ. All of them state that they are trying to represent both aspects of the debate fairly. But both sides end up honestly bringing  up only the good points on their side.

And let us face it, both sides can have their preferences and everybody could be happy. Many could enjoy both avenues at different times. Why Not? In this blog we bring up a different points of view and that is that some people "like" a live band rather than DJ music and vice versa.

"Alexander's Ragtime Band" composed by Irving Berlin

So, in this early part of this blog, instead of attempting to provide a "fair & balanced" view of the band versus DJ debate we can just take, "likes."

The DJ crowd is the younger part of the dance environment. They wake in the morning and insert those things in their ears, and they take them off when the go to sleep at night. Now with waterproof players, you know what they can do. I exaggerate but it can give you direction. At a night club they are accustomed to having the first note of the following song be right after the last note on the last song. That is what the want and they are happy, so let them be.

Monday, August 10, 2015

This Blog?

"In any learning endeavor, the more knowledge one acquires
on the subject the better their results will be."

The facts are almost here Sea Country and Moanalua Corridor are both on the bottom of the totem pole with every indication pointing to Sea Country as being superfluous  I hate to delete it as I did with the last one, so perhaps we can find another subject for it.

Meanwhile, everything pertaining to Sea Country could very nicely be integrated with the Platinum Horseshoe blog. It may also give Moanalua Corridor an extra boost. The only suggestion we have received so far is that we do not have a dance blog covering live music on Oahu. Any other suggestions would be most welcome.

Mahaha seems to be developing very nicely, but the Present Rail Party and their pals keep  screwing them up as they are doing on all the coasts. Fortunately the North Shore has Salsa at Cholo;s which is a step forward. The Windward side seems to be lost to other private interests and I gave up there.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Still at the bottom

The Present Rail Party is still spending millions on just the right people in West Oahu. The ones that are sure that da choo choo train, is for the birds, but the money for them is there. Bedroom communities of the last century are obsolete now but not on Oahu. They think build housing and make the bucks there, and forget about where the residents are going to work and the hassles of getting there and back. Not selling so hot now? You got it.

"Truth can hardly be expected to adapt itself to the crooked policy
and wily sinuosity's of Oahu affairs; for truth, like light,
travels only in straight lines."

Kapolei Harbor, Waianae Harbor and then the North Shore. One round trip
in the AM and one round trip in the PM. Gonna be much easier to do
business with each other than the Rail Crisis, the Crowded
Freeways and the Horrible Traffic Jams in Honolulu.

They do not even think about the thousands of cars missing to and from Honolulu. You think it is bad now with the way HART is handling it, well cheer up, the worst is yet to come. Those people don't care about the residents in West Oahu. It's the bread, Fred. It's the dough, Flo. Millions and millions of dollars are being made right now. Just look at the rubber stamps on the board and the cost to the taxpayer. auwe.

Just north of the freeway in Kapolei, vetoed by the Present Rail Party.
How many cars would be missing from the freeway and the terrible
Honolulu Traffic. "And I coulda been home in 20 minutes."

And Hawaii Free Press coming out some good facts about Rail Mess and those responsible. Souki, Caldwell and the Present Rail Party. Who Said? "We definitely did not steal the election. We paid cash all the way." P.T. Barnum once said. "There is a sucker born every minute." The Present Rail Party says he was wrong. "On Oahu, it's every second."