Saturday, July 18, 2015

Waianae Coast looking good

People on the Waianae Coast are known for helping each other. Lately we have been getting groups from Makaha into Nanakuli to help the homeless. They don't seem to have enough publicity. For the longest time I have not given anything to a beggar in the streets who asked me. Specially when I lived in town and found out how much money they can make in an hour of begging in downtown Honolulu. It is much different on the Waianae Coast. People don't make a living asking for money, but it does help

"Don't sweat the small stuff, and remember, most of the stuff is small."

In Waianae, if a person is desperate enough to ask me, "Can you help me?" how can I ever say no? That person is asking me for help." Plus, hopefully for a few moments they'll feel a little less alone. Hopefully they'll feel like a few people really do care about them. I don't have money to donate to big organization. But I give directly, I give to a person who asks. I give a dollar here, or a dollar there.

And because of the money needed for the Rail Catastrophe, Farrington Highway cannot be fixed. What used to take a half day to make deliveries take a whole day now and everyone knows it is going to get worse. The price of eggs, bread and milk are all going up. Gotta pay for the Rail Mess. When they remove all the buses to replace with feeder buses, forcing many people to use the "Rapid Transit," it will get worse unless we take the boat.

"Mambo #5" by Latin Lou and the Mambo All Stars

That Business Park in Makaha still looks good in spite of the Present Rail Party. Hundreds of cars missing to and from Honolulu, and hundreds of cars missing downtown traffic. And "I coulda been home in 20 minutes." Minimum Wage? Worth ten times more in Makaha than making it in Honolulu.