Thursday, July 30, 2015

Farrington Highway

The biggest muddle on the coast at present is the blot of Farrington Highway caused by the Present Rail Party. Our reps are powerless against them. They got all money and they want more. The Fat Cats in Honolulu call it "Easy Money." And prices are going up all over the place. Oahu is now the highest priced island in the Pacific and people are moving to the Neighbor Islands.

"It is strange, but true, but then truth is always strange:
Much stranger than fiction."

Kapolei is still having a tough time getting to be Second City with the Present Rail Party stopping all construction of Business Parks in the West. Thousands of cars would have been missing from the freeways to and from Honolulu. Thousands of cars missing from downtown traffic congestions. And I coulda been home in 20 minutes. And what about the Minimum Wage? Worth ten times more in Waianae, than in Honolulu, with 14 hour workdays. Auwe!

Look what they did to Lualualei. They had the money to spend thousands to stop the Business Park that would have helped so many in the area. The Rail Catastrophe is less than 10% built and the cost over runs are already a billion dollars. Easy Money. Souki now the leading man for them. Millions and millions of dollars in pure profits from the "Gravy Train."

"What A Wonderful World" by Bruddah Iz

Fortunately we are getting better schools and some Shopping Center construction but they are having a hell of time with the "Keep the country, country" people. Those people intend to keep you down and rely on Honolulu for everything. Waianae Coast is overdue for Third City. And we gotta find more ways to keep away from Da Rail Mess.