Sunday, May 10, 2015


Sea Country and the Waianae Coast still trying to do good for our fellow citizens and neighbors in our community. This in spite of the Present Rail Party of Honolulu who is already making millions and millions of dollars in profits. Yes, we know, its the dough, Moe.

There was a planned Library for Nanakuli but now there are rumors that it may be cancelled because they need the money for the Rail Crisis. And those people want more money, naturally. It is easy.

"There Must Be A Better World" by B B King

It would have been a perfect thing for the citizens of Nanakuli. Right in between Waianae Library and Kapolei Library. What a convenience, for everyone not just the people close by. But we all know the people of  "Keep The Country, Country", with their, less money for schools, no money for sidewalks and for sure, no shoe stores. Now it may be no libraries either.

That is the Fat Cats of Honolulu together with the Present Rail Party. They are getting the money and they want more. You can tell all the people that have been bought. They no can figure, "Rapid Transit" is a deliberate lie. Today you can go from Makaha (#93 bus) and get to Honolulu in an hour and a half. "Rapid Transit" with 21 stops from Kapolei to Honolulu will never make make it in 21 minutes, even if it can go 500 miles per hour. But they will be making millions and millions of dollars in profits. They call it "Easy Money."