Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dancing in Waianae

There has been small talk, but not much. More people are finding out that the best dance floor in the west is at the Waianae District Park. Just never been used for dancing. But then dancing has been tried on this coast several times and nice for only one or two times, when they got people coming from outside the area.

"Enough tomorrows and you will be left with empty yesterdays.
perhaps it would be better to make today worth remembering."

There are more people now that can dance socially with a partner, more seasoned dancers. That is all it takes. Get a nice group together and you set up a nice Dance Club like the ones in town. Perhaps even have beginner class to entice new people. Time will tell.

Of course the Rail Catastrophe is still there and that is going to make Farrington Highway into one big hell for all wheels. They plan on canceling the C bus and the 40 bus and provide only feeder buses to the Rail Station in Kapolei. Talk about humbug. But we all know, it's the bread, Fred. Millions and millions of dollars in profits for the Fat Cats in Honolulu.